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Atlanta Chiropractor Uses Chiropractic Care to Relieve Mid-back Pain

Atlanta Chiropractic Care for Mid-back PainMid-back pain is characterized by pain that originates from the top of the hips to the top of the shoulder blades. It can be caused by excessive standing or sitting, poor posture and excessive manual labor. Thankfully, our chiropractor in Atlanta provides pain relief services for individuals suffering from mid-back pain.

Relieve Mid-Back Pain With The Help of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care for mid-back pain includes identifying the cause of the pain by performing a thorough physical examination and medical history. Typical causes of pain in the middle of the back include overuse either from excessive exercise, sports activities or weight lifting, poor posture, misaligned vertebrae, poor nutrition, and weak back muscles. We see mid-back pain predominantly in individuals with desk jobs, manual labor employees, sports players and individuals who are extremely active.

Once the cause of the pain is established, our chiropractor in Atlanta will recommend a course of treatment that could include chiropractic adjustments, manual or mechanical traction, decompression, physical therapy, strengthening and flexibility exercises, and ice and heat therapy.

Chiropractic adjustments realign the spine and take the pressure and stress off of the vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and nerves, which immediately reduces back pain and inflammation and starts the healing process.

Spinal traction and decompression are chiropractic care techniques that help elongate the spine, muscles, and ligaments in an effort to reduce the pain associated with herniated and bulging discs and pinched and compressed nerves. Both services are designed to elongate the spine and increase the distance between the vertebrae to facilitate pain relief and healing.

Physical therapy exercises are recommended along with chiropractic care in order to strengthen the muscles of the back to improve posture and stamina and increase the back’s range of motion.

Our Atlanta chiropractor recommends ice and heat therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation and loosen the muscles of the back to improve range of motion and provide pain relief.

Achieve a Pain Free Status With Our Atlanta Chiropractor

Our Atlanta chiropractor understands that the majority of our patients enter our clinic for pain relief, which is why the first few sessions of every treatment program are geared towards mid-back pain management and reducing the need for prescription and over-the-counter pain medications and anti-inflammatories.

With several sessions from our chiropractor in Atlanta and continued treatment, mid-back pain can be reduced and eventually eliminated, giving our patients the pain-free status they desire. With more chiropractic care treatments, our patients begin to notice their injuries healing and their posture improving.

The last phase of treatment involves learning how to avoid future back injuries and pain. These sessions with our chiropractor in Atlanta usually involve our patients returning to our clinic once a month for follow-up care to address any lingering or new pain, and to ensure the vertebrae and extremity joints are properly aligned.

If you are experiencing mid-back pain, please do not hesitate to contact our Atlanta chiropractor for an initial assessment at (404) 634-1669.