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Century Center Chiropractic and Bulging/Herniated Disc TreatmentSuffering from the pain of bulging or herniated discs in atlanta ga come to century city chiropractic center

Our Atlanta chiropractor welcomes you to Century Center Chiropractic for a variety of bulging or herniated disc treatment options. Discs are located between the vertebrae of your spine. They provide a cushion and protection between the vertebrae to allow you freedom of movement. When a disc is bulging, it is hanging over the area of the vertebrae. Typically, this occurs throughout the disc and may or may not be a source of pain. A herniated disc is one area of the disc that has slipped through a crack allowing areas of the soft inner layer to protrude. Again, you may or may not feel pain with a herniated disc- depending on the severity.

What Causes Disk Bulging and Herniation

Your bulging or herniated disc may have a direct cause such as trauma from an auto accident, sports injury or work-related injury. Your condition may be the result of daily activities such as cleaning your home or doing yard work. It could also be genetic or a degenerative condition such as arthritis. Whatever the cause of your discomfort and back pain, Dr. Jared Simon provides a variety of treatment options to address your bulging and herniated discs. The type of technique our chiropractor uses depends on the severity of your condition. We begin with non-invasive chiropractic manipulation of the vertebrae to place them into a healthy and comfortable position. We may also manipulate the soft tissues around the area to increase circulation and healing plus enhance the removal of toxins that contribute to your discomfort. Our wellness center provides physical therapy to support muscle changes. We teach you exercises that strengthen weak muscles and relax tight muscles. These alternative, holistic approaches are drug-free and non-invasive and will be tried before we refer you to an outside medical practitioner.

Bulging Disc Chiropractic Treatment

Our treatment options for bulging and herniated discs also include the use of:

  • hydro massage to reduce muscle tension
  • electric muscle stimulation to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injured area
  • inversion to create space between the vertebrae that are compressed in the disc
  • intersegmental table to prepare your body for chiropractic adjustments
  • muscle relaxation to eliminate the discomfort in the areas surrounding the bulging or herniated disc

Bulging and herniated discs range in discomfort from mild to moderate to severe. If you are within the mild to moderate range, we use all the tools in our box to treat and eliminate your discomfort. Our health team works together to provide the best care plan for you. We do the same if you are experiencing severe pain. We also work with local healthcare providers and will refer you to one if your situation requires surgery or other invasive techniques.

End Bulging Disc Pain At Century Center Chiropractic 

Our goal is to provide relief and help you manage your pain. We want you to return to an active life that is pain-free and productive. Please call us today at (404) 634-1669 to schedule your consultation and learn more about our bulging/herniated disc treatment options.