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Century Center Chiropractic - Family Chiropractic

The Role of the Family Chiropractor

Many people who are completely at home with the concept of a family doctor or family dentist display surprise or puzzlement at the prospect of engaging a family chiropractor. But the truth is that chiropractic care is equally beneficial for all ages and phases of life, making it a sound health and wellness resource for your kids, yourself and even your grandparents. Our Atlanta chiropractor at Century Center Chiropractic, Dr.  Jared Simon, is able to serve as your family's trusted practitioner of natural, non-invasive, drug-free treatments for injuries, illness, chronic or acute pain conditions and general preventative wellness.

When your entire family relies on a single practitioner -- in any field of medicine -- that practitioner becomes deeply familiar with your loved ones' medical histories, ongoing health concerns, growth and development. This detailed knowledge and strong bond not facilitates a higher standard of care that you might get by leaping from chiropractor to chiropractor, but it also ensures that your family members are relaxed and comfortable during their chiropractic treatments, enhancing the success of the treatments themselves.

Every age group can enjoy better health and function through regular chiropractic evaluations and treatments.

  • Even infants may require correction of a spinal misalignment due to trauma sustained during delivery,
  • While toddlers and small children can develop alignment problems from all the bumps and jolts their bodies take while learning to walk, run and play. Correcting such problems during this critical stage of physiological development is a must, especially since they can effect nerve function.
  • Older kids may need regular spinal screenings to make sure they're in shape for the upcoming school year.

‚ÄčOur Atlanta chiropractor can also diagnose scoliosis in its earliest stages so you can pursue the appropriate treatment before the condition grows worse.

The adult members of your family will also benefit from routine chiropractic evaluations and adjustments. Everyday stress, poor ergonomic conditions at work and workplace or automotive mishaps can cause muscle, spinal and neurological problems, all of which respond well to chiropractic adjustment and other natural treatments at our clinic. If you're expecting a new arrival in the family, you'll find our prenatal chiropractic care services invaluable for reducing the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. (It can even ensure that be fetus is positioned correctly for a normal delivery.) Senior family members will find chiropractic care a healthier, more effective alternative to painkillers for arthritis and other forms of age-related musculoskeletal pain.

Introduce your Family to Our Atlanta Chiropractor

Now that see the many ways our Atlanta chiropractor can help your entire family feel and function better, do your loved ones a life-changing favor by scheduling an initial consultation for them (by way of our limited-time $40 new patient special) at Century Center Chiropractic. Call (404) 634-1669 to learn more about our family chiropractic services and get to know our entire team personally. Our family can't wait to meet your family!