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Services from Our Atlanta Chiropractor at Century City Chiropractic

Chiropractor in Atlanta advising on chiropractic care

Century City Chiropractic is proud to serve Atlanta area individuals and families with a high standard of chiropractic care, including a wide range of chiropractic services and techniques. If you have always thought of chiropractic treatment as nothing more than a way to fix a "bad back" or whiplash pain, you may be surprised to learn about the true versatility of this natural healing discipline. Our Atlanta chiropractor, Dr. Jared Simon, can employ many different types and styles of joint manipulation, addressing everything from acute injuries and chronic pain conditions to helping your loved ones maintain their everyday wellness.

The use of multiple healing techniques is an integral part of Dr. Simon's holistic approach to health and wellness care. Our Atlanta chiropractor recognizes that the many different components and systems that make up the human body must work together in harmony if you want to experience optimal well being. For example, a misaligned joint in the spinal column may throw your body off balance, which turn strains your muscles, makes you more prone to injury and can even interfere with the nervous system's instructions to the rest of the body. Our use of multiple forms of conservative care enables us to create a personalized "whole body" treatment program for your specific needs.

Spinal Adjustments -- and So Much More

While many health complaints may respond quite nicely and completely to one particular chiropractic technique, our Atlanta chiropractor will evaluate your body, using advanced diagnostic techniques and discussing your medical and family history to obtain a complete picture of your current state of health. We can then provide you with any necessary combination of the following services:

  • Spinal Manipulation - Spinal manipulation can correct joint motion and position in the spinal column, improving your range of motion and relieving pain. In addition to the popular Diversified Technique, our Atlanta chiropractor also offers Gonstead Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique, motion palpation and other specialized techniques.
  • Extremity Adjusting - Spinal joints aren't  only joints that can benefit from chiropractic adjustment. Extremity adjusting techniques can safely correct alignment issues in your shoulders, knees and other extremity joints.
  • Manual/Mechanical Traction and Decompression Inversion - Herniated discs, spinal stenosis and other painful spinal compression problems can be relieved non-surgically through our manual and mechanical traction techniques. We also have a decompression inversion table that turns the body upside down so gravity can decompress your spinal column.
  • Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy is an important complement to chiropractic adjustments for its ability to relieve tight muscles and help damaged soft tissues heal. Our physiotherapy options include heat therapy to relax the muscles, cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation, and hydro massage. Hydro massage features a special massage table and applies heat and water to boost circulation, relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.
  • Therapeutic Exercises - In many cases of soft tissue injury, neurological issues or chronic joint dysfunction, the affected parts of the body must be rehabilitated. Therapeutic exercises can help you regain your strength, flexibility and balance. They can also help correct longstanding bad habits so you can maintain a straighter healthier posture that resists future injuries or ailments.
  • Auto Injury Treatment - Few events are more potentially damaging to the body than an auto accident. Our Atlanta chiropractor can administer a potent mix of adjustments, decompression, physiotherapy and corrective exercises to relieve your pain and help you resume your everyday life.
  • Pain Management - While we strive to resolve acute pain quickly and completely through our methods, we can also help patients manage their chronic pain conditions. Periodic spinal adjustments and soothing natural therapies can provide you with a steady source of non-pharmaceutical pain management.
  • Prenatal Care - Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time for expectant mothers. Our gentle prenatal adjustments are highly effective at relieving pinched nerves, muscle aches swelling and other common complaints -- and they can even help ensure a safe, uncomplicated delivery.

Our Atlanta Chiropractor Is Ready to Serve You

Experience the benefits of our remarkable range of chiropractic services in your own life. Call (404) 634-1669 to schedule an appointment with our Atlanta chiropractor!