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Low Back Pain Relief with Our Atlanta ChiropractorCentury Center Chiropractic in Atlanta provides non invasive treatments for your lower back pain including gentle chiropractic adjustments to your spine

Visit our Atlanta chiropractor for immediate and long-lasting low back pain relief. Century Center Chiropractic provides ideal treatments for your lower back pain. Dr. Jared Simon uses a natural approach for low back pain relief, which includes gentle chiropractic adjustments to your spine. When your spine is aligned correctly, your lower back pain is alleviated. Dr. Simon not only removes your lower back pain, he also eliminates the reasons for your discomfort. For instance, lower back pain may be caused by such things as:

  • Degenerating discs that reduce the cushioning between the vertebrae in your lower back
  • Slipped discs that have exited the space between the vertebrae and are pressing on nerves
  • Subluxations of the vertebrae that have shifted out of alignment and are pressing on nerves
  • Car accidents that have impinged nerves, strained muscles or moved vertebrae out of position
  • Poor posture which has created stress on the nerves of your lower back
  • Genetic conditions such as scoliosis which place undue stress on the vertebrae, muscles and nerves in your back

A spinal evaluation and screening provide our Atlanta chiropractor, Dr. Simon, with valuable information to determine the reasons for your lower back pain. Then, our chiropractic treatment options are a drug-free way for low back pain relief. 

Low Back Pain Treatment in Atlanta

If you are searching for alternative low back pain treatment options in Atlanta, Century Center Chiropractic is your ideal health center. Our low back pain treatment approach values your body as a whole. Our chiropractor desires to heal your lower back pain and restore your body's health. Dr. Simon expertly adjusts your neck and back to alleviate lower back pain and stimulate your body to heal itself. When your spine is in the correct alignment, your body functions improve. For instance, circulation enhances which encourages healing in your low back; nerve signals increase so your body moves more fluidly and without pain; digestion improves so your body receives the proper nutrients and continues to boost your overall health. If you are recovering from an injury, our low back pain treatment plans reduce inflammation and help you build a stronger core. We focus on improving your strength through corrective exercises that you perform at home. We also show you postural changes to support a healthy spine and avoid future low back pain complications. 

Schedule Lower Back Pain Relief With Dr. Simon Today

You experience an immediate reduction in low back pain, plus Dr. Simon reduces long-lasting complications. As our Atlanta chiropractor ensures your spine is in the best alignment for your health, you will be delighted with the results that extend beyond low back pain relief and into improved well-being. If you are an Atlanta resident or live in the surrounding areas, we would enjoy speaking with you about our low back pain treatment options. Our chiropractic approach is gentle, effective and natural. For answers to your questions, or to schedule your first appointment, please call us today at (404) 634-1669

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