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Conditions Treated at Your Atlanta Chiropractor

Back Pain Atlanta Chiropractor

When you experience pain, you want relief as quickly as possible. It interferes with your quality and enjoyment of life. Pain is a sign that something in or about your body is out of balance. Chiropractic care is an excellent method of putting things back into balance and relieving pain from a variety of causes. As your preferred Atlanta chiropractor, we treat many different types of pain, including:

Back pain

Back pain can have a variety of causes. At your initial evaluation and examination, we will use diagnostic tools to determine the underlying cause of your back pain. Then, we will design a customized plan of treatment to heal and relieve it.

Neck pain

Like back pain, there are several reasons for your neck to hurt, such as tense muscles from sleeping on it wrong, an injury like whiplash, or a disc out of place. We will give you a correct diagnosis and a customized treatment plan to get you feeling good again with a neck that is blessedly pain-free in every way.


Sciatica is a common pain complaint. It usually originates in the lower back, and can sometimes radiate down into the buttocks and the backs of the legs. Most of the time, it is caused by a disc out of place. Chiropractic treatment can fix this by easing the disc back to where it belongs, so it doesn't push on the sciatic nerve anymore, which will eliminate the pain.


Sometimes, headaches can be caused by discs that are out of place and putting a strain on the muscles of the shoulders and neck. If this is the cause of your headaches, chiropractic treatment can relieve you of them, so they don't come back.

Herniated and Bulging Discs

Chiropractic care can stretch the spine to ease those misaligned discs back into place, relieving the pain they cause you.


This is a chronic condition that affects the whole body, causing deep body pain and aches. While chiropractic care may not be able to cure it entirely, it can definitely relieve some of the underlying causes that may be making your body more sensitive to pain. When you're treated with chiropractic care, you will experience less pain of minimized severity, which is a big improvement and allows other treatments to work better to give you the full relief you seek.

Carpal Tunnel

Working with the extremities and the vertebrae with nerves that go to them, we can ease the nerve pressure on the carpal tunnel area, helping to relieve the pain and give you the full use of your hands and arms back that the pain may have been impinging.

Shoulder Pain

Using common chiropractic techniques like adjustments, massage, gentle traction, and physical therapy, most types of shoulder pain can be successfully treated and eliminated at our office.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common reasons people seek chiropractic care. Whether you have a misaligned disc or a soft tissue injury causing pain and inflammation, we can ease you into healing with our all natural and drug-free methods.


Adjustments and physical therapy can ease the pressure on the nerves going to your jaw joints, easing the pain without the need for drugs or surgery.

Visit Your Atlanta Chiropractor

Make an appointment to visit your Atlanta chiropractor to get your initial exam, consultation, and treatment. Relief is only a phone call away, so call us today at (404) 634-1669. We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Century Center Chiropractic family.